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Jazz up your favourite pair of jeans with these easy tips

Jazz up your favourite pair of jeans with these easy tips

Cumstomised jeans don’t have to be designer – Do it yourself! Here’s how.

Jeans are considered to be a staple in any closet but have you ever wondered how to make your favourite pair more unique?

Customise your favourite pair and stand out from the rest with these easy tricks.

Your friends won’t be able to stop gushing.

Put your name on it:

Beyoncé said if you liked it, you should have put a ring on it.

We’re saying if you like it, put your name on it.

Get your name sown in or sew a custom-made name patch onto your favourite jacket or jeans.

Metal studs:

Go big or go home and put gold or silver metal studs onto your denim.

Talk about arriving with a bang.

Ditch the regular hems and get an irregular one:

Cut an irregular hem on your jeans by simply cutting them at the ankle – shorter in front and longer at the back.

Once you’ve done that, fray them at the edges.

Get novelty patches…and show people they aren’t just for pirates:

Give your denims a pop of colour with different patches.

Less isn’t more in this case, the more the merrier.

Over-sized knee patches:

If you’re still holding onto your favourite jeans that no longer fit, you’re going to love us for this.

Take your old jeans and cut them into large, rectangular patches and stitch them onto your jeans.

It’ll look that much cooler if you use two contrasting shades of denim.

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