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Decor ideas for a small living room

Decor ideas for a small living room

Decorating a small living room? Here are some ideas

Is space in your living room limited? If so, you’ll find this very handy.

If you have a small living room then making the space seem bigger than it is, is essential. So how do you make the space seem bigger? Thanks to Claire Gibson, from La-Z Boy, it’s fairly easy. Here’s what you need to do:

– Opt for a scaled-down furnishings

Scaled-down sofas, also known as apartment sofas, which are specifically designed to fit smaller spaces have become readily available. The slimmer dimensions, sleeker designs, exposed legs and smaller arms go a long way towards removing the bulk and creating the illusion of a floating sofa – exposed legs establish the illusion of more space.

– Arrange the furniture wisely

It’s quite tricky to furnish a small space, so you need to carefully measure the living space in question before you commence with the furniture shopping. With the measurements in hand, you’ll have a visual sense of how everything will it.

If the space won’t allow a small sofa, opt for single seater or a scaled-down corner suite.

– Mirror decor

Add a mirror, or two, to the walls, they make for a great addition to any space, reflect light and create the illusion of added space.

Positioning of the mirror is also important. Position it in a way that’ll make it reflect natural light. The room will feel brighter and create the illusion if there being another window.

– Move on up

Emphasise the room’s height and make it immediately feel bigger by utilising the wall space all the wall space – right up to the ceiling. This will draw the eye up and create vertical dimensions in the composition.

– Layers

Try squeezing one piece of furniture in front of or behind another. The end result will be building up necessary and/or function or storage into a tiny living room.

The most important thing about making the most out of a small space is to use every space possible, in an aesthetically streamlined manner that will maximise the space you have available, without making the room feel cluttered and cramped.


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