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Make your bathroom your favourite room in the house!

Make your bathroom your favourite room in the house!

Want to make your bathroom your favourite room in the house but have very little space? Here’s how.

Getting the layout right when you have a small bathroom can be quite challenging.

We’re making the task a little easier by giving you some useful tips and advice on how you can make your small bathroom attractive, comfy and oh so functional.

– Storage:

Having adequate storage is an essential part of making sure that your small bathroom doesn’t look claustrophobic.

Go for wall-hung or floating cabinets that double up as sink vanity to create storage.

– Use tiles:

Bigger tiles work better in smaller spaces – they create the illusion of more space.

The illusion of more space is created through minimal grouting lines.

Make sure to also use the same tiles for the whole bathroom floor.

In regards to wall tiles, make sure to tile from the floor right up to the ceiling – this will create the illusion of height. Consider layering the tiles vertically, to create the illusion of added height.

– Colours:

Use light hues for your bathroom’s colour palette. Lighter colours will open up the space visually and make it feel lighter and brighter.

If you’d rather use darker colours, use them on the floor. This will create a great contrast between the floors and walls and keep the overall colour scheme light.

To add to the illusion of a bigger space, avoid busy and fussy designs and opt for clean and simple designs.

– Mirrors:

Add depth, width and length to your small mirror by adding mirrors. They’ll also reflect light, which goes a long, long way in making the space seem bigger and brighter.

– Keep things off the floor:

You’re already short of floor space. It’ll be better if you mount as many things as possible on the wall.

If you also have a few rand to spare, a wall-hung toilet is also a good idea. It’ll save space and give some legroom.

– Ditch the tub:

Bath tubs take up a lot of space and break the space visually so opt for a shower instead. A shower, instead of a tub, will open up the space significantly.

If you do choose to get a shower, get glass shower doors and panels because they’ll bring in more light.

– Doors:

Save more space by ditching the normal swing door and replacing it with a pocket or sliding door. These doors will offer you more flexibility when you place your fixtures.

– Lighting:

Ensuring that your bathroom is well lit, both naturally and electrically, is also essential to creating the illusion of a bigger space.


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