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Fold-a-side doors…everything you need to consider

Fold-a-side doors…everything you need to consider

Planning to upgrade your home and install fold-a-side doors? It will of course, look amazing but there are a few things you will need to consider.

Whether you’re looking to create an indoor-outdoor link between your garden and home or want to change the feel of a space in your home using a fold-a-side door, there are a few things to consider. And no, the style and size of the door is only the tip of the ice berg.

Here’s what you need to consider:

– Materials:

The best quality fold-a-side doors are made from either timber or aluminium.

Fold-a-side doors made from timber are beautiful and also make for a great insulator. A little heavier than aluminium and require regular maintenance, but also the most energy efficient choice.

Aluminium fold-a-side doors, also have additional benefits – apart from being lightweight – such as being strong, durable and requiring little maintenance.

The choice is yours!

– Installation:

Apart from increasing your homes overall market value, fold-a-side doors are quick and simple to install. However, whether you opt for custom-made or choose from what’s available off-shelf, it’s essential to have your doors installed by a professional.

– Numbers and thickness:

These doors are made up of a number of panels. When choosing how many panels you’d like, odd numbers work much better because the first panel will open up like a conventional door – this is convenient when you just want to pop in and out quickly.

When considering the thickness remember that the thicker the frames of the doors, the more solid material will block the view. Also, keep in mind how thick all the panels will be when they’re stacked up on one side. Keep all this in mind for the overall plan for the outdoor space in question.


Doors comprising of glass, don’t necessarily seem to be the safest option with our high crime rate but these doors are hard to break. Most of these doors are double glazed and made from toughened glass. You can also choose the glazing you want from the various films available to add to the security.

Door frames of a good quality should also be a safe structure. Multi-point locking systems are also something to consider. Look for internally beaded frames, high-security hinges, solid cast security handles and anti-drill key cylinders

– Guarantee:

Take some time to find out what guarantee you get on the door.


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