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KFC launches edible nail polish

KFC launches edible nail polish

KFC…literally finger lickin’ good with new edible nail polish

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. KFC has launched edible nail polish!

The American food chain debuted their edible nail polish in Hong Kong.

The nail polishes come in two flavours – original recipe and hot and spicy.

The polishes are entirely out of edible ingredients – spice blends, suspended starch and vegetable gum – and contain no preservatives.

Unfortunately, the formulation of the polish requires for it to be refrigerated and only lasts for five days.

Instructions also state that each bottle is only good for one-time use only.

If you’re wondering how the polishes taste then read on.

The original recipe polish has a balanced taste of spices and black pepper but lacks the actual taste of chicken.

The hot and spicy polish, on the other hand, tastes quite similar to the hot and spicy chicken but also lacks the taste of chicken.

Unfortunately, getting your hands on a bottle might take a while because the polishes aren’t available to the public yet.

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