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Make your bathroom fabulous

Make your bathroom fabulous

Easy tips to restyle your bathroom.

Just because your bathroom performs a functional role in the home, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be as beautiful as the rest of the house.

We’re looking at five ways you can turn this functional space into a fabulous one:

Closer to nature

Keep your bathroom natural – you do use it to answer the call of nature.

Use wood and recyclable materials such as stone, stainless steel or plant products to convert the space into an inspiring retreat.


Use easy to maintain products and materials on the same colour scheme but with different shapes and patterns.

This will allow your bathroom to be more dynamic and playful yet maintain its colour scheme and style.

Challenge convention

Try using bold colours, products or accessories.

Be brave and use that shaggy rug, bright yellow or matte black towel rail.

Don’t be afraid of using contrasting colours, textures or patterns.

Go green

Don’t paint your bathroom walls green but rather try and introduce a wall garden.

Wall gardens are popular and the climate in your bathroom is perfect for most plants to flourish.


Considering that your bathroom is one of the most used spaces in the home, choose quality products that are made from robust materials that come with a guarantee or a made specifically for use within a bathroom environment.

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