The dos and don’ts of contact lenses

The dos and don’ts of contact lenses

Thinking of trying contact lenses? Here’s what you need to know.

Tired of your glasses and rather want to try your luck with contact lenses? There are a few things you need to know before making the switch.

Like the dos and don’ts for contact lens wearers:


– keep your hands clean

– clean your contacts properly every day with the prescribed solution

– clean your contact lens case once a week with a mild soap and replace it every three months

– follow your contact lens wearing schedule as recommended by your eye doctor

– wear your contacts for 8-10 hours ideally, to maintain healthy corneas

– take a day or two during the week without wearing them

– throw away expired lenses and solutions

– see your eye doctor regularly (preferably every six months)


– “top off” contact lens solution; always use a fresh solution when storing your contacts lenses overnight

– use eye drops unless they’re safe to use with your contacts

– borrow lenses from anyone – not even your bestie

– wear your contacts past their wearing schedule

– sleep with contact lenses

– shower, swim or bath with your contacts in

– leave your contacts in their case for over seven days without changing the solution

– ignore your eyes if they aren’t happy

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