Health hacks with Citro Soda

Health hacks with Citro Soda

Citro Soda – for more than just indigestion

So you gobbled down your burger a bit too quickly and now you suffer from heartburn. What do you do?

Citro Soda to the rescue! But did you know that Citro Soda can be used for more than just curing your indigestion?

We’re letting you in on some of the other, uncommon uses for Citro Soda.

Citro Soda is the solution to all your acid related problems.

You can use Citro Soda to treat UTI (urinary tract infection) symptoms, combat high uric acid levels (which could lead to gout) and even heartburn.

Gastric acidity is combated by the several key ingredients that work to neutralise gastric acid, control the growth of micro organisms.

Just for you, we’re schooling you on some of the symptoms of a UTI and heartburn:

– cloudy/bloody urine that may have a foul/strong odour

– pain/burning when urinating

– pressure/cramping in the lower abdomen/back

Symptoms of heartburn:

– burning/sore throat

– chest pain when bending over, laying down or eating

– difficulty swallowing

Say goodbye to all your acid related problems with Citro Soda. Available from all major pharmacies and retail outlets.


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