Annual health checks you cannot ignore

Annual health checks you cannot ignore

How good is your overall health? Five essential health checks that you should be going for annually.

One thing one should never take for granted is one’s health.

Here are five important health check-ups you should be going for annually:

– An eye test – this is especially important for people with hypertension and diabetes. Not forgetting that it’s a quick and simple way to detect glaucoma.

– Trip to the dentist – don’t put off going to the dentist until there’s a problem. By visiting your dentist every six months you’ll say bye-bye to the plaque your brush can’t remove.

– A chronic disease screening – check your BMI, blood pressure ,cholesterol, blood glucose level and HIV status. Left unattended and undiagnosed these can be “silent killers”

– Breast examination – this isn’t just an annual thing, it should be done every month (after the menses)

– A pap smear and prostate check – considering how rife cancer is, an annual check-up could save your life



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