Steam and get the most out of your diet

Steam and get the most out of your diet

Steam your way to a healthier and slimmer you.

We all know that diet and exercise play an equal big part when it comes to losing weight. Spending time in the gym is just as important as what you eat and how you cook your food.

Opting to steam your food may not only reduce your calorie intake and boost the nutritional value of what you’re putting into your body but is also one of the easiest and cleanest cooking methods.

Not a fan of steamed food? Here are a few reasons you should give it another try:

– Natural goodness preservation:
Steaming preserves the important nutrients which are often lost during the cooking process. Steamed foods also maintain their natural crispness, colour and natural taste.S- Minimised fat intake: because no oils are used during the steaming process, the fat content of the food you’re preparing is automatically reduced.

– No cooking disasters:
When you’re steaming your food, you can easily ensure that it isn’t overcooked or burnt.W- Quick and easy: all types of food can be cooked in a steam oven from meat,veggies to dessert. Cleaning up afterwards is much easier as there is no oil, smoke or mess.

– Perfect sous-vide cooking:
If you’ve vacuum packed your food to prolong its fridge life or marinated it, steaming is also great because it can enhance the food’s natural aroma without compromising flavour.

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