More about Miss SA-finalist, Yuta Raubenheimer

More about Miss SA-finalist, Yuta Raubenheimer

She’s blonde, beautiful and hopes of walking away with the title of Miss South Africa 2017. Meet Pretoria’s own, Yuta Raubenheimer.

What made you decide to enter Miss South Africa 2017?
To be Miss South Africa, has always been a dream that I have been preparing for ever since I could remember. I have always felt the need to be involved with and help people; and as such, have followed my heart’s desire to serve, by being involved in numerous projects in my community.

Although I realize that you don’t need a title to make a difference, I believe that The title of Miss South Africa will broaden my horizon to the extent that I can influence a much greater audience. I am a go-getter and I’m driven to do my part in previous disadvantaged areas. Everybody needs hope and a future, but a soup kitchen here, or a children’s home there, will not cover it.

Our young adults need an attitude of “I can do” instead of a hand out. To get to a place of affirmation, skills are needed, as well as motivation and inspiration. I want to visit every possible school, hospital and children’s home to motivate and inspire young people to follow their dreams and to develop their skills, of which the outcome, can be displayed in expo centres in every township, where talent seekers can visit and provide necessary input to produce innovation.

How did your journey lead you to entering Miss South Africa?
It is all in the timing. I entered Miss SA twice in the past and did not progress very far in the competition. They say insanity is repeating the same thing twice, expecting a different result and this realization made me change my strategy. I changed my hair a bit and made sure that I live and breathe as a Miss SA would, and here I am today, a Top 12 finalist.

Why would you like to be crowned as the next Miss South Africa?
I believe that being Miss SA will be a life changing experience that will not only broaden my horisons, but will influence the lives of those around me, in a positive way.  The difference between who you are and who you want to be, is what you do.  To make a difference in someone’s life, you don’t have to be beautiful, brilliant, rich or perfect, you just have to care.  I already carry a caring heart, and love to put actions to the feeling, so all I need now is a bigger platform.  Because this platform will give me access to the broader public, the impact can be much greater and more intense.

What is the heart behind this pageant?
Miss SA is a well-known pageant and I’ve learned that the Miss SA views are the same as my own; to love others, to serve this country and to inspire and influence people’s lives positively. I truly feel that we can enter and light up a room and leave people feeling better about themselves, than before we entered.  I know that my spark can become a flame and change everything in someone else.  This is one of the key attributes that I would like to carry during my year of reign.

What do you hope to achieve with the title if you win?
I would love to write a book about my Miss SA journey to inform, educate and teach people about the Miss SA pageant. My main aim is to bring more awareness towards Miss SA, so that people will see the pageant’s heart for this country. I wish to bring purpose and propose a different outlook on education in this country, to create jobs to ensure a better future for our youth.

Tell us more about yourself
I am a 25 year old, vivacious go-getter, who works hard to reach her goals and dreams. I’m currently residing in Montana, Pretoria, a lovely suburb North of the Magalies Mountain range, where I also completed my High School Diploma at Montana High School.  I love dancing; I did some contemporary ballet, Sh’bam (Planet fitness used to offer this specific dance fitness choreography class) and Zumba currently. I do advanced aerobics, Toastmasters (Public Speaking) and boot camps.  I sing in my churches’ worship team and I take part in numerous charity projects which take up most of my spare time. My family often comment that I try to take on too much in a day, but so far so good, I have by grace, manage to achieve every goal I have set for myself.

What is your personal take on fame and fortune?
Fame and fortune can be good and bad, it all depends on the way you view it. But for me, I believe, there are enough women of fame and fortune, we need women of faith.  We have enough greed, we need more goodness.  We have enough vanity, we need more virtue.  We have enough popularity, we need more purity…

How do you unwind?
The movies is my “happy place”.  I love to lose myself in a good movie with popcorn and Whisper chocolates. It helps me unwind … It is like medicine to the soul.

How would your best friend describe you to a complete stranger?
She would say that I am a very daring and fun person, yet very kind and humble. Due to my extensive background in customer service I have learned to be understanding and to have compassion.

What motivates you to keep on keeping on in tough times?
I always marvel at people’s ability to keep going. For me, ultimately, I am a believer and that is the main focus of what gets me through tough times. I never give up! You can only go as far as your mind allows you to go and I have set my mind on greatness and to achieve greatness.

Who inspires you and why?
South Africa’s previous Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela is my role model. I admire her fearlessness to stand for truth. She is kind, yet firm. She is bold, yet compassionate. I love that she is brave and has integrity to always do the right thing even if it costs her dearly. I would also like to meet Richard Branson, who has inspired me to think bigger and set my mind on greater things and taught me the importance of job-creating!

What is your top fashion/beauty/fitness tip?
Fitness: Balance, balance, balance. Do not ever go on a diet. Eat moderately and be conscious to eat less of the wrong things and more of the right things, but never stop eating sweets totally.

Beauty: 8 hours of sleep! Elizabeth Ann’s baby shampoo is great for washing your face. The PH balance is fantastic to avoid breakouts. Try to drink 2-3 litres of water.

Fashion: I like to wear a staple necklace as a finishing touch to my outfit to give it a little bit of an edge.

What is your favourite coffee shop in Pretoria if you want to treat yourself and a friend to something sweet?
I really enjoy Isabella’s next to the Kolonnade shopping centre. The cake is so delicious and it has a very feminine touch to it, which I really enjoy

Are you involved in any charities?
I am involved with three different charities. Reach for a dream (which is my ultimate favourite), Hospice Wits and Kameeldrift Trauma Centre.

What philosophy do you live by?
You can only go as far as your mind allows you! …

What legacy do you hope to leave behind?
A legacy of reconciliation. I hope to bring cultures together by bridging the language gaps. I have made it my mission to learn an African language and I have managed to pick up some Zulu here and there. It is always so great to see people’s faces light up when you greet them in a language that they are familiar with.

Tell us something surprising about yourself that not many people know?
My first career choice was to join the South African Defence Force as an air force pilot. Serving my country has always been a heart’s desire…

Where and how can people follow your journey (websites/social media) and how exactly can they vote for you?
Please check me out on Facebook and like my page, or they can follow me on Twitter or Instagram.


Voting for Miss South Africa 2017 closes on 17 March. To vote for Yuta, SMS “12” to 45791. You can vote a maximum of 50 times and SMS’s cost R1.50 each (T’s & C’s apply). 



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